Quick Ideas For ESL Lessons, Fun Fridays, Warm-Ups And Winding Down

Quick Ideas For ESL Lessons, Fun Fridays, Warm-Ups And Winding Down Exciting, interesting lessons are what most educators strive to achieve. Experienced or inexperienced, teachers love to keep some ideas up their sleeves to add to a lesson when the lesson plan calls for An interesting beginning A relaxation point in the middle An interesting winding down A transition from one section to another An activity on a day that is stressful because of other events going on at the school A task for times when students or teachers feel tired and need something exciting to bring them back to worthwhile learning and teaching.

Speaking Activities and Ideas for ciągnik rolniczy lubelskie the ESL Language Classroom “Just a Minute” – a game in which every student has to speak for Tarnobrzeg Anonse one minute on a topic given. This can be from topics as complex as Toefl speaking subjects, for example, “Is it better to be married or single? Give reasons for your choice” to simple or strange topics such as “Chocolate” or “Why my aunt Mary always serves cake for dinner”. Speaking Through Another’s Eyes: Students speak from the view of a pet living in their own home.

Describe the members of the family through the animal’s eyes. In Pairs: Give ideas for role-plays, or telephone conversations and have students prepare a dialog, based on a grammatical structure or new vocabulary worked on in class. Quick Reading and Speaking Ideas for ESL Lessons Ready plans will allow for a complete lesson, not only a filler. It is always worthwhile having activities like these waiting in a folder, so that students can be learning and working in a situation where a substitute teacher needs a lesson or if a quick change of plan is called for.

Hand out copies of a textbook that has simple reading passages (slightly below the current level of the students). Tell the students to choose any one of the passages, read silently and prepare to present the article to the class. Each student then summarizes what he or she read in the passage. This is an excellent practice for “reading for information”, summarizing and then presenting the summary orally. Using a short documentary movie, keep the subtitles on so that the students can read.

After watching, the students can work in pairs or small groups in which they discuss the movie. Teachers can create ready worksheets with questions and topics to discuss or it can be an open discussion starting and ending with the students. Writing Ideas for ESL Students Teachers often resort to talking or chatting when there is extra time after an exercise is complete, or when finding students a little tired or the atmosphere calls for a change in preplanned curricula. However, writing tasks can sometimes be more relaxing and offer a quiet, calming environment insted of a chatting forum.

Here are some ideas with writing prompts: The teacher reads an article, children’s tale or darmowe ogłoszenia wrocław short story to the students. The students then write a summary of the material. Hand out magazine pictures.

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