Comparing Credit Costs for Draco Wheels on Different Platforms in Rocket League

Passionate Rocket League players, gather ’round! In this moment, we delve into the thrilling realm of the mesmerizing Draco wheels and their mesmerizing painted versions. If you’re eager to discover the Draco Rocket League price and how it varies across different platforms, this article is your definitive guide. Strap in, fellow gamers, as we present the credit values of Draco wheels on PC, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox, and Switch. Time to dive in!

PC Price Range

On the PC system, Draco wheels can be obtained within a credit span of 80-120 for the default edition. Nevertheless, if you’re eyeing the dark version, be ready to spend around 300 to 400 credits. For those yearning for the elegance of white wheels, the price escalates to roughly 1,000-1,200 credits. The grey edition falls within the span of 150 to 250 credits. As for the vibrant painted versions, crimson Draco wheels will set you back around 500 to 600 credits, while rose, blue, and azure alternatives range from 250 to 350 credits. The remaining painted variants, including brownish-red, yellow, green, green, citrus, and violet, can be obtained for approximately 200 to 450 credits.

Price Range on PS4

For the PS4 gamers out there, the Draco wheels come with their own credit values. The standard wheels can be acquired within a range of 80-150 credits. Seeking the sleek black version? Get ready to spend around 300-400 credits. The highly coveted white wheels, which exude sophistication, come at a higher price of 800-1,000 credits. Gray wheels fall within the cost span of 150 to 250 credits. crimson Draco wheels will set you back around 400-500 credits, while the pink variant can be obtained for approximately 200 to 300 credits. Cobalt and azure wheels range from 350 to 450 credits, and sienna falls within the 400-500 credit span. Saffron, lime, emerald, orange, and purple Draco wheels can be obtained for approximately 200-300 credits.

Price Range on Xbox

Xbox gamers, do not fear! Draco wheels are accessible on your platform as well. The black version of Draco wheels carries a cost of 400 to 500 credits. White wheels, emanating a sense of opulence, fall within the span of 1,300-1,500 credits. Gray Draco wheels, akin to their neutral character, can be obtained for 400-500 credits. crimson Draco wheels, radiating a fiery allure, come at a cost of 700-900 credits. Rose wheels are available for approximately 400-500 credits. Cobalt and sky blue wheels maintain the same credit worth of 400 to 500. Brownish-red Draco wheels, with their distinctive hue, span from 450-600 credits. Saffron Draco wheels can be obtained for around 300-400 credits, while lime, emerald, citrus, and purple Draco wheels fall within the 350-450 credit range.

Nintendo Switch Price Range

Nintendo Switch gamers, rejoice! The Draco wheels are within your grasp as well. The dark version carries a price tag of 500-600 credits, while pearl wheels can be obtained for approximately 1,400-1,600 credits. Grey Draco wheels remain consistent at 500-600 credits. crimson Draco wheels come at a cost of 700 to 900 credits, and pink wheels are available for around 500 to 600 credits. Cobalt wheels fall within the 400-500 currency range, while sky blue wheels can be acquired for approximately 700 to 900 credits. Sienna Draco wheels maintain a range of 350 to 450 credits, and lime Draco wheels can be acquired for around 500-600 credits. Green, citrus, and purple wheels fall within the 500-600 currency span.

Key Takeaways

There you have it, fellow gamers—the comprehensive Draco Rocket League price guide for PC, PS4, Xbox, and Switch. Whether you’re aiming to showcase your style with standard wheels or longing to stand out with a rare painted variation, we hope this guide has provided the insights you were looking for. Keep in mind that these currency values are rough and subject to market fluctuations. Now, go forth, trade wisely, and let the wheels of fortune turn in your favor on the arena!

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