Apple and Samsung Take Opposite Paths Toward a Cheaper Phone

A person who was trying to flee with his family lies on the ground after the shelling of the Russian army at the evacuation point of Irpin, several members of the same family have been killed in this attack today 

In some of the most harrowing scenes of the conflict so far, at least eight civilians fleeing the town of Irpin, near Kyiv, were killed in Russian attacks alongside the suitcases they had packed for their escape.

Don’t fail “I don’t believe in strategies. Pick the word that speaks to you most in the morning and follow your heart. Starting with a tactically effective word makes it too easy anyway. So what if you fail? It’s just Wordle! (But I would like to make it clear that I never fail, not even when there’s an X in the word.)” –Sarah McDermott

Not easy being green “TREAD is a winner, but I like to mix up my first word. That said, I always have a few first-guess rules. At least two vowels. Never use an S. (That S guess will come in handy down the track when you realize you’re incredibly dim-witted and you can only think of four-letter guesses. Final rule: Your second guess should never include your greens from guess one (unless you’re on hard mode). Save those greens for later and throw five new letter guesses into the mix. If I see you post a Wordle answer on Twitter that has tall green columns of letters staying in the same place, I will judge you.” –Claire Reilly

According to Barb (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board), GB News was watched by 2.2million people in the four weeks to January 2. This compared to 15.9million for BBC and 10.9million for Sky News, reported.

While Sir Tony’s view offered much needed encouragement, he told the BBC’s Sunday Morning show he feared the violence could get much worse because Russia’s tactics were failing and Putin was becoming more desperate.

I understand the argument that there are only five vowels (and sometimes Y), so you don’t need to figure those out immediately. But eh, what can I say, I like to know the vowels, it helps me narrow down my options. I’ve started with ADIEU, but these days I also like to start with REGAL, just to get the E and A information known, and to see if my fave consonants are involved. AISLE is also a favorite for me, using three vowels and two favorite consonants. 

Big AUDIO dynamite “AUDIO. Get 4 out of 5 vowels out of the way immediately and focus on narrowing down consonants. Don’t be afraid to deviate from your regular starter word, though — sometimes a random word that pops into your head ends up being way more intuitive than you could have ever imagined.” –Ashley Esqueda

Get TEARY “I cycle through TEARY, PIOUS and ADIEU as a first word, to knock out some common letters and make inroads with vowels. I then choose my next word based on the results, though sometimes I just throw up my hands and use both TEARY and PIOUS one after the other no matter what.” –Amanda Kooser

These characteristics can make the new iPhone SE seem dated, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The iPhone SE runs on the same A15 Bionic processor as the new iPhone 13. Not only should that make performance feel fast, but the new chip also means the iPhone SE will support new iOS features for years to come. While iOS 15 runs on phones as old as the iPhone 6S and original iPhone SE from 2016, certain features are only available on phones with newer chips. 

Whalen had career averages of 11.5 points and 4.9 assists per game in 480 career games (476 starts) in the WNBA.

She was part of four WNBA title teams with the Lynx, a five-time All-Star and a three-time All-WNBA first-team selection.

Students are taught in a close class setting, with about 10 students, and highly educated tutors. This liberal student to teacher ratio allows attendees to get the most out of the two-week program. Over the course of their study, they will explore topics that will stimulate inquisitiveness and also prepare for future studie

Mr Robinson was interviewing Jerry Dyer, the founder and host of Big Jet TV, an online channel which provides live coverage of planes landing at airports, on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday morning when he made the comment.

The iPhone SE allows Apple to reach shoppers with tighter budgets, who may have dismissed the company’s pricier models in the past. And those iPhone SE owners may one day turn into AirPods owners or Apple Watch owners. They might subscribe to Apple Music or one of Apple’s iCloud storage plans, too. In other words, the iPhone SE’s appeal isn’t really about the hardware — it’s an admission ticket to all things Apple. 

Ukrainian servicemen try to help people who have been wounded in Irpin – as an increasingly delusional Putin is insisting that Russia is not bombing Ukrainian cities, despite mounting fears that 100 people are buried under rubble after an apartment block near Kyiv was struck and after a cluster bomb attack on the city of Chernihiv killed 49 earlier this week. A mother and two children were killed and the father was wounded by a mortar shell as hundreds of civilians sought safety

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