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Walking stick Tripod L-32 uni

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Tynor Posture corrector

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Tynor posture correcter at Das surgicals

Medical Arch Orthosis(pair) adult

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Medial Arch insole is designed to support & maintain the arch of the foot. It is designed to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly and naturally. Placed inside the shoe for effective results.
  • Rigid support to the arch.
  • Anatomical fit.
  • Comfortable with feather feel.
  • Massage spots for the arch.

Key Benefits

  • Moulded design with perfect foot anatomy and arch for proper weight distribution and comfort. Honey Comb Matrix design is light in weight, provides proper contour and firm support to the arch.
  • Made from Poly Urethane which has anti slip, antifungal properties and long functional life. There is no cracking, breakage or deformation.
  • Fabric lining is soft and feather like. Improves cushioning, comfort and aesthetics. It absorbs sweat and improves compliance. Hexagonal soft spots on the fabric provide massage and proprioception, Improve aesthetics and grip.
  • Quarter design makes it ready to wear in a regular shoe, thus Improves compliance.

Direction for Use/Dosage

Place inside the shoe for effective results.

Safety Information/Precaution

Use as directed by the physician. Consult the doctor immediately if the pain prolongs.

Other Information

Sizes Available: S/ M/ L

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