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CareNow Eco Bath CHG Bath Wipes – Singles


CareNow Eco Bath CHG Bath Wipes – Singles

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CareNow Eco Bath CHG Bath Wipes - Peel Off Pack

Peel Off Pack
Size: Large/XL
Pack of 10
Alcohol Free


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– The CareNow Eco Bath CHG Bath Wipes are meant to be used for rinse free patient bathing at hospitals protecting them from nosocomial infection

– The bathing wipes can also be used for pre-operative and post operative cleansing
– Each wet wipe is designed with a higher content of Viscose and impregnated with a formula that includes Olive extracts and Vitamin E to ensure a smooth application on skin
– These bathing wipes containing 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) solution are effective against Gram +ve and Gram -ve bacteria
– The CHG helps to reduce against a wide variety of infection causing micro-organisms
– These skin friendly bathing wipes are alcohol free and moisturised with skin emollients
– The CareNow bath wipes helps remove bacteria found on skin and provides residual protection from infection
– These Eco bath wipes, also known as disposable antiseptic towels contains moisturisers such as Olive, Aloe and Vitamin E that provides superior nourishing to skin and help reduce skin tears
– These CareNow Eco bath bath wipes are available in Large (24 X 30 cm) and Extra Large (32 X 30 cm) sizes
– They come in a standard packing of 10 wipes in a Peel off pack

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