CareNow Blufenz Hospital Bed Linen and Pillow Cover

Available in 2 Colours
Eco Friendly
Barrier for Pathogen
Highly Durable

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– The CareNow Blufenz Hospital Bed Linen with Pillow Cover is made from the material that features permanently bonded anti-bacterial technology and is highly durable
– This anti-bacterial technology works to kill and inhibit growth of pathogen, preventing infections from textiles
– It is effective against Gram +ve and Gram -ve bacteria
– The bed linen and pillow cover inhibits odour causing bacteria and supports patient lifting up to 200 kg
– It acts as a barrier for infection on compromised skin and ulcers
– The pillows are designed with stain free property that repels body fluids and prevents any ground for pathogen build up
– The fibre used inside the pillow are engineered with the same technology to inhibit the growth of pathogen
– It is engineered to provide longer life cycle than conventional bed linens
– The bed linen with pillow cover set is available in White and Blue colour

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